Multi Award-Winning film director and choreographer internationally working on Live Shows and Films to bring cutting edge content creation and logistics consultancy from production’s development to its completion.

In 2015, have received the Van Gogh Award by the Amsterdam Film Festival Jury and the Beoordelen van Comité. Additionally, received the Cannes Global Film Awards at the Red Carpet and Fashion event for Best Music and Best Dance Film in 2016. Honoured by Limelight Award for best new Visual content in 2017. For Best experimental film was awarded the ARFF International award in 2019.

Engaged in both Live events and Films, developed work that prides itself by being rich in collaborations between artists, performers and athletes as well as established creatives such as Movement directors, Costume designers and Music composers.

Movement artistry has led to work with established brands and organisations such as BBC, Royal Opera House, Olympic Ceremonies, Canadian Opera Company, LG, Russell Athletics, Sony.

Credits includes Swatch Global launch, David Guetta live performance, Volvo National Launch, Israr Award Visual performance, Olympics Opening Ceremony, BBC Screened short film Games, Diversity Arena UK Tour, Viva Ferrari visual show, Live Events at Supperclub, Dreamworks promotional performance, Award winning film Descent.

In collaboration with Arts & Movements Ltd, the creative supplier, provide World-Class Creatives and Designers to productions around the globe.

Terribly brilliantGeorgina Campbell, Macs Magazine
A truly heartwarming film about separation and reunion from Alleyne Dance, directed by Antoine MarcGraham Watts, Chairman of Critics Circle
Perform effortless back-bends and counterbalances, reverting body parts in a strange, imaginative movement vocabulary that glories in dizzying bouts of virtuosityVictoria Hill, London Dance
The laws of physics don't seem to apply to Antoine Marc. He seems to exist a meter or so off the ground. He brings energy, enthusiasm and creative expertise to projects, and will remain top of our hit list for future eventsHoward Greenhalgh, Film Director
Demonstrated great choreographic, movement and physical skill as well as mixing naturalistic acting with more stylised performance. Was exceptionally precise with a high level of skillNathan Curry, Artistic Director of Tangled feet
Antoine Marc has the kind of presence that draws audiences in with both envy at his gift and awe at his talentGbemisola Ikumelo, Artistic director of Faith Drama Productions
Real talents and highly skilled!Seb Holden, Managing Director/ Head agent for Sports Of Seb Ltd